Nvidia Launches New Series of Graphics Cards

As if releasing the latest GeForce GTX 1080 were not enough, Nvidia had released its new plethora of cards including its Pascal GPUs designed for laptops.

A few weeks ago, Nvidia had also released its Titan X card for desktop systems.

The graphics card developerh ad dropped its ‘M’ suffix which it uses to differentiate laptop and desktop graphics cards. As with before, technology for graphics in laptops cannot par those made for desktop computers.

The new Pascal cards are focused on laptops to provide a gaming experience similar with their desktop counterparts.

The company claimed that the new GPUs are up to 76 per cent faster than their Maxwell-based predecessors, but built with the same 16nm FinFET process. Each laptop card features the same GPU as its desktop counterpart.

Nvidia said that the new range will enable 4K resolution gaming on laptops at playable frame rates for the first time, and that notebooks with 1080p panels will be able to drive a 120Hz refresh rate if, for some reason, you have advanced robotic eyes and are able to detect such things.

Laptops featuring the new cards have already been announced, and most of the big gaming laptop manufacturers are promoting high-end systems with the latest technology, including MSI and Origin, to name but two.

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