Ban on Brazilian Senate Head Renan Calheiros Overturned

Brazilian Senate Head Renan Calheiros is charged with multiple corruption charges but the call for his suspension the Brazilian Supreme Court overturned. The Supreme Federal Tribunal had voted 6-3 on Wednesday to reinstate Calheiros. The senate leader had earlier disobeyed the suspension ruling but still won the sympathy of the supreme court.

Brazilian President Michel Temer is closely allied to Renan Calheiros. The latter is now deferred presidency because of his 12 corruption cases. If the trial clears him as innocent, he can run for President the next Brazilian elections.

According to sources, before the Supreme Court vote, the Brazilian President has met with the justices. Many suspect that this is to avert a crisis involving Calheiros that can affect the Brazilian government.

Calheiros is called for trial from corruption committed since 2007 receiving kickbacks from several lobbyists including the Mendes Junior Construction company — to which Calheiros denied as something that happened. The tribunals own investigators probes Calheiros’ activities with Petrobas. A former Petrobas director claims that Calheiros demanded to be paid $1.7m or else he will withdraw support for the oil company’s interests.

Another case involves a business executive who claims that Calheiros has received more than $10m in bribes over the last 10 years.

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