US-Russia Have No Unified Action on Syria

failure of dialogue and cooperation between the United States coalition forces and Russian peace efforts had resulted to a breakdown of a unified stance on the issue.

The United States had accused Russia of supporting the Assad military as it bombed hospitals including rebel-held areas known to have heavy concentrations of civilians.

The use of indiscriminate weaponry such as barrel bombs have led to a high amount of civilian deaths.

Russia’s bombing runs have also flushed out and killed many US and Saudi-Arabia-backed opposition rebels against Syria’s regime.

According to Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova:

The problem is that for the whole time we were involved in Russian-American negotiations… we realized very clearly that the US had no joint position. Different organizations, different structures in Washington were taking different positions on what’s going on Syria. They had absolutely different views,” Zakharova said.

The Americans “were changing their opinion and their point of view on what’s going on in Syria, actually, every day… Probably, that was the main reason why they failed in fulfilling those agreements that we achieved,” she added.

According to the Spokeswoman, the United States should have been ‘honest’.

“The reality was very clear. We had two main tasks. First one was the separation of Jabhat al-Nusra [terrorists] and moderate opposition. And our American colleagues failed in fulfilling their promise. The second task was to pull back the governmental forces and moderate opposition forces from Castello Road. And our American colleagues, unfortunately, failed for the second time,” she said.

According to the spokeswoman, the Americans “told us that they have no possibilities to influence the moderate opposition.”

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