EU Refugee Crisis Response “Lamentable”

The UK’s refugee response to addressing the needs of 20,000 refugees is “lamentable” according to a committee of MPs overseeing the enquiry over the UK-France Calais “Jungle” of refugees. The committee noted that it was a “source of shame” to wealthy countries.

According to all-party Home Affairs commitee, they said former Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond’s efforts to resolve the Calais issue has been near non-existent.  The now-Chancellor seemed “complacent” during the time with the situation of thousands of refugees journeying across the Mediterranean from Libya.

Criminal gangs and human smugglers have preyed on these migrants who had given up most of their possessions to get to Europe.

The committee report Migration Crisis highlights the uneven response of local councils to supplement former Prime Minister David Cameron’s decision to have the UK help more than 20,000 refugees fleeing Syria’s civil war.

Under the scheme, about 1,602 were accepted with 610 in Scotland, 171 in Yorkshire and Humberside and 105 in Coventry. About 32 refugees have gone to london.

A UN report highlighted that about 65 million people would be displaced from their homes due to the war in Syria and persecution by extremist forces. The refugee figures are higher than those during the end of World War II in 1945.

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