US And Russia Agree To Shield Kurdish Town Against Turkey’s Threat

Two opposing factions regarding Syrian foreign policies have agreed to join forces in protecting a strategic Kurdish town against Turkey. The United States and Russia have turned against their ally with both forces using buffer zones to fend off Turkish assaults against the Kurdish Peshmerga Forces — the latter responsible for driving out ISIS in key locations in Iraq and Syria.

According to Middle East Conflict Centre’s head Alexander Shumilin, an Institute for US and Canada Studies in Moscow, the two countries have found themselves “thrown together” by circumstance. Washington directly sponsors the Kurdish forces. Russia also provides support for the Peshmerga for their capability to drive out IS forces in campaigns.

According to Bloomberg, it was Russia who took the lead to resolve the almost-decade long Syrian Civil War through diplomacy. Despite no official statement from US President Donald Trump regarding continuing support for anti-terrorism in the Syrian Civil War, analysts see that the two countries have now taken a mutual stance.

Previously, Turkey asked for the support of the United States and NATO forces to drive out Kurds in former IS-held areas — a request that the US denied as it sees the Kurds as a valuable asset of the battle against the Islamic state. Turkish Prime MInister Binali Yildirim said that a “terror group could not be destroyed by another terror group” and if “coordination could not be established the risk of confrontation” between Turkey and the two countries is inevitable.

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