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Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange — slightly imprisoned in an embassy away from the prying hands of American politicians who would strangle him for exposing certain delicate information — had seen the future according to analysts including his critics. Assange had once said technology allowed higher powers to achieve “higher conspiratorial power,” which today appears as fake news and the shaping of public belief through technology.

One of Assange’s points include having political machineries more vulnerable to sabotage that a governing conspiracy is “slowed until it falls, stupefied; unable to comprehend and control the forces in its environment,” excerpted from his 2006 essay upon founding Wikileaks. According to NYTimes, six years later, Assange’s essay reveals the possibility of major data breaches of Democratic National Committee email accounts and Hillary Clinton adviser John Podesta.

While the links of Russian-sponsored hackers are yet to be proven, it had forced the hand of the US Democratic Party with the resignations of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, CNN Political Analyst and Interim Chair Donna Brazile and reinforced the position of US President-Elect Donald Trump in the political firefight of the time.

Wikileaks — according to Julian Assange and Wikileaks journalists — is not intended to advance political propagandas but only to expose the truth. However, without a Russian-speaking member of Wikileaks and most political scandals revealed by Wikileaks benefitting the European rival of the US, it could only mean one thing.

The revelation through the ‘Panama Papers’ exposed the shocking and vile activities of the global shadow finance community. Press and observers believe it would implicate several political figures in the world.

The first casualty is possible Iceland’s Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson.

The centre-right Prime Minister had asked to dissolve parliament and called for early elections on Tuesday.

Iceland’s five-year president Olafur Ragnar Grimsson had denied the request and opted that leaders of other political parties guarantee a solution that was in the national interest.

About 320,000, the total of Iceland’s population, were completely shocked by the Prime Minister’s crimes including the ownership of an offshore company controlled by his wife.

About 22,000 of Iceland’s populace had come out in protest in Rekjavik’s streets on Monday. This is one of the historically-largest protests seen in Iceland.

Gunnlagsson said in social media that he is willing to break up parliament and call for early elections. He also insisted he and his wife had not done anything illegal. He iterated his accomplishments for Iceland.

According to observers in Iceland, Prime Minister Gunnlagsson is unlikely to survive his political career with the scandal.

Daily Trojan Writer Athanasius Georgy believes that the entire Middle East and the rest of the world had been blind to Yemen’s true state. Georgy states that Yemen is a failed state after Former President Ali Abdullah Saleh had been ousted.

Saleh was ousted during the 2011 Arab Spring as protests in different Middle Eastern countries began to oust their long-time dictators. It was believed that Yemen would turn into a democratic country.

However, Saleh’s Vice President and first Voted President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi were seen as a corrupt government. As militant Houthis moved against the government, Iran’s Shiite ties with the Houthis ensured support for the militants.

Meanwhile, Sunni-dominated Saudi Arabia had been displeased with Iran’s actions.

Georgy does not blame the Arab Spring nor the Hadi Government for starting another conflict in the country. He said that upon Saleh’s ousting, a vacuum appeared and deeply-rooted problems as people adjusted politically into a new spectrum of ideals had re-surfaced.

With the lack of genuine leadership, Yemen’s infrastructures and systems were dilapidated. All these crumbled slowly as days passed, according to Georgy.

Yemen’s ill-adjusted people had become oppressive as extreme water and food shortages cause grave incidents in different areas. Women are still mistreated.

Georgy said that negotiations would be the only way to guarantee peace and productivity in Yemen once again.

According to Europol Chief Rob Wainwright, the threat of terrorism has become “extremely difficult.” However, he said the police’s resolve to combat and prevent terrorism is still high.

“We are dealing with a very serious threat spread around many European countries and propagated by thousands of suspects radicalised on the internet and through conflict experience in Syria and Iraq.

“It is clearly an urgent and serious challenge we face now.

“The scale of the problem has increased over the last 10 years. But over the last ten years the sophistication of the police response has increased too.

“The public can be reassured by the determined response by the security authorities.

“Across Europe, we are engaged in quickly exchanging intelligence. Significant amounts of work are being done.

“Stopping everything is very difficult, containing the threat wholly is very difficult but I am sure we will prevail.”

His statement comes after last week’s attack on Paris’ Charlie Hebdo offices, which killed 12 famed cartoonists including its editor.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barack Obama said that Britain and America will join forces to counter the “poisonous and fanatical ideology” of extremists.

Cameron said: “Frankly, we’ve been in this struggle against extremist Islamist terrorism for well over a decade-and-a-half so we know what it takes to win, and it’s going to take a lot of perseverance.”


Hong Kong protesters watched government and student protest leaders formally discuss the issue surrounding Hong Kong’s upcoming election candidates. The failure of the talks to break a deadlock had many protesters set a schedule for more protest to push for greater democracy in the financial hub.

The Hong Kong protests nearing its first month, has widened the gap between the protesters and the government. The government has labelled the Hong Kong protest activities as illegal. They also went to say the protester’s demands for open nominations were impossible under the laws of the former British colony.

Some protest leaders had called to march to Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-Ying to protest directly outside his house and ask him to step down. They also thought of expanding their movement to different places to lobby against the government to face and answer their demands.

While Hong Kong has the full right to assume universal suffrage under the “one country, two systems” rule under the Chinese, Beijing is concerned that allowing Hong Kong to have democracy will other groups in mainland China to imitate such demands.

Meanwhile, the protests were rarely violent as protesters were respectful of authorities. Student protesters said they had yet to decide to engage in further talks with the government. Yvonne Leung, one of the student leaders, said that the government did not give a concrete reply and just elaborated on some processes that people do not need to know.


Ukraine Interim Government President Oleksandr Turchynov issues a decree on military service as pro-Russian activists continue to take over government buildings and had recently stormed a regional prosecutor’s office in Donetsk.

Pro-Russia separatists took over the regional prosecutor’s office on Thursday, overpowering riot policemen inside the building. Interim President Turchynov announced the compulsory military service because the eastern and southern parts of Ukraine is slowly deteriorating threaten territorial integrity.

The separatists gathered in Lenin Square for the May Day Celebrations and made their way forcefully inside the regional prosecutor’s office. More than 100 riot police fell back into the building’s internal courtyard and they were surrounded by the crowd. They surrendered their equipment and they were filed out by the protesters.

The “Donetsk People’s Republic” supporters sang songs from the Soviet era. There had been extensive looting, including stealing vehicles.

Despite the strength and integrity of the pro-Russian separatists, their numbers remain small as Donetsk has 1 million people in population, with the majority supporting Ukraine. However, due to the violence presented by the pro-Russians, they are afraid to express their opinions in public. On Sunday, a pro-Ukraine protest had been attacked by thugs with police powerless to help.


It was reported that there were already growing tensions occurring between Israel and Turkey because of the civil war in Syria. On Thursday, Turkey has warned that they will be deporting and prosecuting refugees who are part of a protest. The country of Israel also reported that there was an increasing number of Syrians who were injured because of the dispute happening in the boundaries.

The Syrian conflict has already threatened the stability of different regions. The major supporter of Syria which is Russia already suggested that the reason why the U.N. and the Syrian envoy of the Arab League already lost its credibility because of the Arab League who took side with the insurgency. Aside from Jordan which has accepted a lot of the Syrian refugees, Turkey has also welcomed a number of refugees coming from Syria.

The threat of deporting the refugees in Turkey was released by the Turks after a riot that occurred in one of the Refugee camps in Turkey. Last Wednesday, the United Nations was alarmed because of the said threat imposed by the Turkish government. If the Turks would continue with the uttered threats, the United Nation will consider it to be against the International law. It was on Thursday that the Turkish Government already changed their statement and said that they will not deport the refugees. A United Nations Spokesperson said that the refugees should not be forced to go out. According to a statement from the Foreign Ministry says that a group of Syrian Refugees would want to use their rights to be able to voluntary return or leave Syria.

On Wednesday, millions of people protested against the decree of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi which immunizes his presidential actions from any judicial court, which allows him to run the country unchecked as the Islam-dominated committee creates the new Egyptian constitution, the first constitution of the country run by dictators for 60 years. Many protesters claim Morsi to be a new dictator.

The decree, which was announced by Morsi on November 22, Thursday, was subject to much scrutiny from critics and a walkout by some government officials. A great number of the council including Lawyer’s syndicate head Sameh Ashour, who said that only 55 of the 100 original members remained, and most of these were Salafists of the Muslim Brotherhood, the political movement of Morsi. He claims that the Muslim Brotherhood are stealing the constitution.

Essam El-Erian, a senior adviser of Morsi, announced that the assembly was already drafting the constitution in the last six months. However, many other officials stated that the process was being rushed. Brooking Institution analyst H.A. Hellyer also mentioned that the rush was to avoid putting Morsi in a very tricky position that he is in right now.

However,  President Morsi defended his decree, stating that it was meant to “preserve the fragility of the Arab spring, which helped oust Hosni Mubarak from his dictatorship”. He claims that he knows more than his people, and his decree was only meant to ensure that the country pushes through smoothly through its transitional phase.

Around two dozen Tibetans have immolated themselves as a sign of protest against the ruling authoritarian government in China. The protests against Chinese rule are increasing along with large demonstrations in Tibet.

The immolations first began in 2009 as monks and nuns in Tibet doused themselves in kerosene and set themselves on fire in protest. Today, most self-immolators are now lay people in protest. The self-immolation is a way to avoid direct attacks on government property and the authorities, which leads to tighter measures and great oppression.

However, political analysts conclude that the government shows no positive response for reform inside Tibet or advice from the outside of China. An Aba official mentioned that the government was aware of the immolations, but did not hint about government action after the call.

The latest immolation and protests were done by students against a booklet distributed by Chinese authorities that derided the Tibetan language, insulted the Dalai Lama, the former leader of Tibet exiled from his country and condemned the immolations as “acts of stupidity”.

Many Tibetans see self-immolation as selfless acts of sacrifice as authorities cannot denounce the immolators. The acts of defiance may increase in the future according to New York Columbia University Tibet Expert Robie Barnett. He said that the Tibetans have found a way to make a protest that will not tighten the reins of oppression against them.