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The UK Prime Minister’s plan to bypass the parliament had backfired. Now, she is threatening would-be Tory rebels who would support the Parliament in cancelling the Brexit that they would be “halting the will of the people.”

UK Prime Minister Theresa May said that she will not proceed with talks if there is no deal between the UK government and parliament. Tory MPs against bypassing Parliament said the move could become unconstitutional and introduce serious economic consequences due to the lack of legal safeguards.

According to Prime Minister Theresa May, the UK’s European partners “now want to get on with negotiations.” She added the House of Commons vote for Brexit had seen a 384 majority support for the government to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty — a final article for leaving the European Union.

“But the message is clear to all – this House has spoken and now is not the time to obstruct the democratically expressed wishes of the British people. It is time to get on with leaving the European Union and building an independent, self-governing, global Britain,” she said. Tories who still wish the UK to remain in Europe could only deliver a 27 vote in the Parliament, a small number compared to the opposition.


A massive hole in Gatwick Airport’s main runway had delayed hundreds of flights nationwide as planes for Gatwick were diverted to other airports after the local management announced a shut-down.

Flights circled the skies for hours until they were redirected.

Passengers inside the planes said the waiting proved to be a “nightmarish” experience for many of them.

Many on-the-ground passengers said the delays had been uncontainable as a domino effect on all local flights had pushed back all flight landings for all incoming and outgoing schedules.

According to journalists, many were puzzled that the airport had shut down without mentioning the reason for the shut-down; a huge hole in the middle of the Gatwick runway.

After the announcement of closure, engineers had begun repairing the tarmac.

Airport authorities had also opened the second runway on site. This runway is only used with the main runway is unavailable.

The airport’s twitter account tweeted: “Our main runway is now open and operating and we are working hard to get you on your way.

“We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this evening. Your safety is our number 1 priority.”

A number of passengers expressed their confusion on social media after discovering their flights had been diverted to a different airport.

British Prime Minister David Cameron and French Prime Minister Francois Hollande concluded that the UK will not relieve its British border controls in Calais despite the Brexit vote. Both ministers said they had a “mutual commitment” to keep it in place.

According to a representative:

“They agreed to continue working closely together to protect our shared border in Calais – and to maintain the so-called juxtaposed controls”.

The 2003 Le Touquet Agreement secures the controls. UK passport officials would screen individuals in the French town before they board trains and ferries. According to British border officials, the Calais camp is a way to stop migrants from illegally crossing the Channel.

The Remain Campaign had once endorsed the UK could possibly have Calais camp controls lifted on event of a Brexit vote, though this has not come to pass. He said the ‘Jungle’ refugee camps could return to Kent after an EU exit.

Tory backbencher Nigel Mills last night told the Sun: “We always knew there was no reason for either side to want to change this agreement.

“And I think it just highlights how some of the nonsense spoken by the Remain camp is now falling away.”

Benedict Cumberbatch’s humble announcement of his marriage to Sophie Hunter in The Times newspaper had been received positively by the UK public, but not its women. The Sherlock Holmes star, who had always been unassuming and modest despite his immense fame worldwide, said that he was very happy to make the “most important heart happier” after being asked about what he felt breaking thousands of ladies’ hearts.

Benedict sets himself apart as the “real gentleman” in the sea of the modern day brash males. According to UK media, this is a result of the loving upbringing he received in his family, with his mother playing a huge role in his treatment of women.

His parents are as much in love today as they were 42 years ago.

Wanda Ventham, his mother, now at 79, was once a household name in British television. She was an extremely talented actress in her own time with a long list of TV shows and films.

Cumberbatch’s mother also had some raunchy roles, which he said he was embarrassed to talk about. His mother questioned him of his sexual orientation because of his sensitivity to the films.

However, it was Wanda and Benedict’s father that had urged him to pursue a career in being a film actor and performance art.


Economists said that payment protection insurance refunds actually help the economy as local markets see most activity in the last few months. The refunds were a windfall and economists see it as having an effect better than quantitative easing.

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) also mentioned a 13.4% increase in the number of car owners in the United Kingdom. They said that 27,000 more car registrations were noted in the previous six months of 2013, supporting their theory that PPI had held back consumer spending.

Many consumers were spending their refunds using the money as downpayment for new vehicles, furniture and appliances. Some used the money to repair utility lines and other home improvement projects. Some people re-invested their money in the market for circulation and growth.

PPI is an insurance product that costs around £3000-3500 and is supposed to protect your repayments for your financing if you get sick or become unemployed. However, bank representatives even mis sold the insurance to ineligible consumers. If you think you were mis sold PPI, you could call on a claims management company to ensure you get your complete refunds.

However, the total PPI compensation package had now reached £17 billion in total as Lloyds, RBS and HSBC added further to their PPI redress packages. Experts estimate that the refund bill could reach more than £20 billion by the end of the year.

There were a lot of speculations regarding the gender of the Duchess of Cambridge’s baby. A number of British newspapers are looking closely into the pregnancy of Kate Middleton. They were speculating the Prince William’s wife Catherine will be expecting a baby girl. It was reported that the Duchess was able to give a hint on the gender of the baby during a talk on the coastal town of Grimsby, in the northeastern part of England.

They say that both her pregnancy and the need for privacy are two of the problems the Duchess is facing. The Duchess is five months pregnant with their first born. After the slip of the tongue from the Duchess, a lot of the newspapers in the United Kingdom have published the said issue that the Duchess and the Duke will expect a baby girl. The source from the Royal Family gave different news and said that both the Duke and the Duchess do not know the gender of the baby. The first born is due in July and would be considered the great-grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II.

The British Cabinet Office said that the child who will be born in July will be next in line to the British throne after Prince William. Prince Charles is the first in line to the British throne. The planned has already changed for the law of succession in the Royal family. This changed would end the tradition that a boy should take over and elder sister. Although there were already speculation and news about the gender of the baby, the truth would still be confirmed by the Duchess and the Duke.

Delayed Compensation caused Lloyds to be Fined £4.3 Million

There were a number of 140,000 customers of the Lloyds Banking Group who were affected with the delays in PPI claims for compensation. The bank has already apologized to their valued customers regarding the said delay. It is not easy for the bank’s customer to experience delay in PPI payments. There must be something wrong with the bank’s standard on the release of PPI compensation to the customers. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) was unhappy about how the bank handled the customer’s PPI payments causing all the customers to wait for almost six long months for their PPI compensation.

The bank has been given a fine amounting to £4.3 Million because of the tons of complaints they have been receiving from their customers. The concerned regulators released a statement saying that the banks failed in establishing a trusted process in preparing the compensation addressed to the customers who complained from the banks like Lloyds, Bank of Scotland, and TSB. Lloyds bank was said to have save an amount of £5 billion that is allotted to compensate the customers who purchased products that weren’t useful.

The regulators have given the bank a fine since they should pay for their delays. The bank already said that they are following a target to pay their customers after each would be receiving letters from the bank. The target would last for 28 days. The bank has already sent out decision letters to a number of 582,206 customers in the month of May 2011 until March of last year but according FSA the bank has let a number of 87,000 customers wait not for 28 days but it reached until forty-five days. The complaints that the bank has been receiving is a result of their own failure.

To find out more about PPI compensation see

CBI Director General John Cridland expressed his concerns regarding mis sold PPI and the amount of money the banks are losing due to PPI claims. He states that the money spent for compensation is much more useful if it was put to more economic use. Cridland proposed for a time limit for customers to make their insurance claims.

Cridland and the banks criticized claims management companies (CMCs) for taking advantage of the situation and earning profits, with banks stating that the claims of CMCs cost them more than what they expected. CMCs were responsible for the skyrocketing thousands of claims each month.

However, CMCs such as Mis Sold PPI Claims Co, state that they are only “helping hands” that enable customers to have a say in a situation such as PPI claiming. They help people who are mostly busy working or have a hectic schedule. They say that they do advertise, but it doesn’t mean they can force people to work with them.

CMCs charge customers for their services under the condition that the CMC’s can deliver satisfactory results to their customers, namely the recompense deserved.

The Financial Ombusman regarded that CMCs have the same chance as customers in reclaiming their repayments for PPI, but also regarded CMCs as “picking up on the responsibility that banks had”. Banks were previously asked by the Financial Services Authority to call upon all customers mis sold PPI to make a claim and claims management companies are doing the same, but not just for a limited period of time.

“M.P’s, don’t you for a minute think about regulating the press in this country, which has been free for 300 years.” said Mayor of London Boris Johnson, who is viewed as the best candidate for the Conservative Party next to British Prime Minister David Cameron. The final report on the British phone-hacking scandal, which involved the Rupert Murdoch News Corporation and its tabloid’s hacking of phone and text messages from private phones of actors and soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, split the government into two as the report is feared by the free press to lead to statutory regulation.

British lawmakers opened a defense against the statutory regulation of press freedom. The group of 80 said that being parliamentarians, they believe in free speech and are opposed to any statutory control of the press.

The report is to be made public on Thursday and is expected to split the political entities of the British parliament about the future of press control and regulation. The current regulation system of the press is that of self-regulation through the Press Complaints Commission, which many lawmakers and newspaper editors found to be ineffective.

The epicenter of the Phone Hacking scandal was that from the the late 13-year old murder victim Milly Dowler’s messages, which her mother, Sally Dowler, found false hope when she thought her daughter picked up her phone and some voicemail messages were deleted. The messages were deleted by hacker, Glenn Mulclaire, a private investigator working for the Sunday tabloid, which triggered public outrage.

Prime Minister David Cameron said that in light of the issues circulating about press control and statutory regulation, he aims that the outcome will always be that to “preserve the freedom of the press with proper respect to privacy.”