Gatwick Airport Resumes Normal Schedule After Hole In Runway

A massive hole in Gatwick Airport’s main runway had delayed hundreds of flights nationwide as planes for Gatwick were diverted to other airports after the local management announced a shut-down.

Flights circled the skies for hours until they were redirected.

Passengers inside the planes said the waiting proved to be a “nightmarish” experience for many of them.

Many on-the-ground passengers said the delays had been uncontainable as a domino effect on all local flights had pushed back all flight landings for all incoming and outgoing schedules.

According to journalists, many were puzzled that the airport had shut down without mentioning the reason for the shut-down; a huge hole in the middle of the Gatwick runway.

After the announcement of closure, engineers had begun repairing the tarmac.

Airport authorities had also opened the second runway on site. This runway is only used with the main runway is unavailable.

The airport’s twitter account tweeted: “Our main runway is now open and operating and we are working hard to get you on your way.

“We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this evening. Your safety is our number 1 priority.”

A number of passengers expressed their confusion on social media after discovering their flights had been diverted to a different airport.

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