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An immense social media and communications entity, Facebook has dominated much of the Western market and even Asia.

Line Corporation, however, warns the giant that “Asia is ours”.


Line Corporation, a Japan-based app company, is using a different strategy despite providing a similar product.

The corporation had used cute bunnies and bears in Japan. In Indonesia, they have used it as a classmate-connecting service based on alumni-based networks, which the company found strong.

According to Line CEO Takeshi Idezawa, the app and their endeavour would be “meaningless unless we have the top share.”

“With regard to services in Asia, I can say that we are at the forefront.”

Idezawa’s company would be battling rival services from WhatsApp, China’s WeChat and Facebook’s gigantic Messenger.

According to App Annie Ltd. Research Head Danielle Levitas, their analytics show that Line is arguably in the best position in Asia.

She said messengers thrive effectively with the plethora of stickers, emojis and other stuff you can do in messenger.

Line’s stickers have gained fame worldwide. Moon, Cony, Brown and other characters now have dolls, stationeries. Life-sized versions of the characters are used as promotional material.

However, it would face stiff competition against WeChat, especially as Line is banned in Japan. The company plans to open three shops in the country despite the ban.

The revelation through the ‘Panama Papers’ exposed the shocking and vile activities of the global shadow finance community. Press and observers believe it would implicate several political figures in the world.

The first casualty is possible Iceland’s Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson.

The centre-right Prime Minister had asked to dissolve parliament and called for early elections on Tuesday.

Iceland’s five-year president Olafur Ragnar Grimsson had denied the request and opted that leaders of other political parties guarantee a solution that was in the national interest.

About 320,000, the total of Iceland’s population, were completely shocked by the Prime Minister’s crimes including the ownership of an offshore company controlled by his wife.

About 22,000 of Iceland’s populace had come out in protest in Rekjavik’s streets on Monday. This is one of the historically-largest protests seen in Iceland.

Gunnlagsson said in social media that he is willing to break up parliament and call for early elections. He also insisted he and his wife had not done anything illegal. He iterated his accomplishments for Iceland.

According to observers in Iceland, Prime Minister Gunnlagsson is unlikely to survive his political career with the scandal.