Monthly Archives: March 2016

Doctors, midwives and parents are to receive new guidance to reduce the rates of stillbirths in England. The new “care bundle” will allow parents to have access to new and better maternity services. The new services aim to reduce stillbirths by 2030.

Smoking, restricted baby movement, lack of knowledge for foetal care during labour and reducing alcohol consumption would be the focus of the new care program.

NHS England will roll out the new recommendations as an example of the best standard of care nationwide.

About 665,000 babies in England have about 2 per cent stillborn upon delivery. With a ratio of one to 200, England intends to improve its health services for labour.

NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens said:

“NHS maternity care is now the safest it’s ever been, and most mums say they’re cared for brilliantly… but we could cut stillbirths if all pregnant mums were encouraged to quit smoking, if proper monitoring takes place during pregnancy, and if maternity providers listen carefully when pregnant women report worries about their baby’s movements.”

An information and advice leaflet about reduced foetal movement will now be given to women by week 24 of their pregnancy.

Whilst charities have welcomed the announcement, many believe more still needs to be done.

Elizabeth Hutton, the chief executive of Kicks Count, said: “We could be getting the message out even further. We could do more monitoring of mums during pregnancy, there’s all sorts of research that can be done.”

Upon the event of a Brexit, Calais refugees can move into Britain illegally, warns French President Francois Hollande. Hollande said that without an EU involvement, the UK will have to contain the refugees intending to enter the country through their own capabilities.

Hollande warned there will be “consequences” if the UK pulls out of the EU. At the conclusion of the Franco-Briton Summit with British Prime Minister David Cameron:

“I don’t want to scare you, but I just want to say the truth” as he endorsed previous warnings by Number 10 about the consequences for border control.

In his strongest intervention in the EU referendum yet, the French president said: “There will be consequences in many areas: on the single market, on financial trade, on economic development between our two countries.

“Now that doesn’t mean that everything will be destroyed; I don’t want to give you a catastrophic scenario. But there will be consequences especially in terms of people as well.

“It obviously won’t put in question the historical relations between France and the UK – our friendship – but there will be consequences especially in the way we handle the situations that we just mentioned in terms of immigration.”

According to Leader of the Commons Chris Grayling, the EU is desperate for UK voters to allow Britain to stay in Europe. The “Euro Elite” according to the former Justice Secretary, is uniting with big businesses to pressure British voters.

According to French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron, he expected the Le Tourqet Treaty to be “torn up” once the UK exits Britain.

London Mayor Boris Johnson said it was just “usual flapping and scaremongering”.

“I would say: Donnez-moi un break. There’s absolutely no reason why that treaty should be changed,” he said in south London. “It was an intergovernmental treaty; it was the Le Touquet treaty. It was signed between the British government and the French government. It’s not in the French interests to want to do that and it’s just the usual flapping and scaremongering.”