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An anonymous phone call is under investigation as it tipped a bomb threat that halted the flight of Air France passenger planes for investigation.

Flight AF055 from Washington and AF065 from Los Angeles heading towards Paris’ Charles de Gaulle when Air France received a threat from an anonymous caller that claims to have planted a bomb in the airline.

According to Air France, it grounded the flights immediately due to the following reasons:

“As a precautionary measure and to conduct all necessary security checks, Air France, applying their safety regulations in force, decided to request the landings of both aircraft.”

Hannover Game Threats

Aside from Air France’s bomb threat, a game scheduled between Germany and Netherlands cancelled a hour before the game after authorities received a call that indicated a bombing device was planted inside the Hannover Stadium.

According to police, they found substantial evidence to cancel the game.

The game was to a symbol of good relations between the two European countries and a symbol of Germany and Netherland’s strength against terrorists, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her staff attending the game.

The players from the Netherlands had their buses turn around after the announcement. Meanwhile, the Chancellor had returned to Berlin a few minutes after the bomb threat was made.

China’s disappointing economic performance in the last three years spawned numerous attempts by investors to pull out of the country. A mix of disappointment against the Chinese government’s management and disastrous years had motivated many to pull out.

However, many saw the returning investors coming out of China and put up their own nets to catch the running investors. Asia’s IPOs and assets show through upcoming deals reviews that they are winning an estimated £11.07 billion out of China’s poor performance and into their IPOs. This was just in the last two months alone.

According to Co-Head of Asia Pacific Equity Capital Markets at Morgan Stanley in Hong Kong Mille Cheng, everything is marketed with the context of slower growth.

Cautionary, Wary Investors

Despite the appealing growth deals coming from China, many investors are still playing safe with their investments. Many analysts have noted obvious risk minimisation.

Investors are also aware of banker cautions about valuations for 2016 staying low even for firms with decent prospects in manufacturing and export trade. This is also due to China’s slowing economy affecting plenty of potential IPOs with its influence.

Along with investors , fund managers continue to choose their investors to ensure profit and improve their respective asset’s price-to-earnings multiples.