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For East Sussex NHS, new measures overseen by the Care Quality Commission mean their efforts to improve their services have completely failed. The East Sussex NHS is rated inadequate.

The CQC recommends having an unannounced follow-up inspection on March because the inadequate recommendations have not been followed by the hospital. Chief Hospital Inspector Professor Sir Mike Richards said the trust had lacked improvement on “underlying cultural issues” within the East Sussex Service. He said this has been apparent for quite some time.

According to East Sussex NHS Acting Chief Executive Richard Sunley, they apologise to have let down people who used their services and the staff and colleagues for not bringing the proper healthcare standard East Sussex deserves.

East Sussex NHS lacked quality in terms of safety and leadership. The March report indicated “staff bullying” and a great disconnect between the trust board and the staff.

Meanwhile, all care services were rated as good with staff providing the highest quality of healthcare for patients. They are treated with compassion, dignity and respect.

The CQC said staff-management relationships play a huge role in providing top medical care. Many superiors tend to ‘step-over’ underlings for minor discrepancies. Patient confidentiality comes a close second to the top drawer of failures by the hospital.

About 2,500 Syrian refugees die trying to cross the Mediterranean from Turkey according to the UN Human Commission on Refugees.

On Wednesday a boat from Turkey heading to Europe capsized. Two young brothers, Galip and Aylan, died trying to swim to Greek Islands. Turkish authorities discovered their bodies washed-up in a Turkish tourist resort.

The image spread in Turkish social networks and the rest of the world. The little boy, Aylan, was wearing a bright red t-shirt and shorts lying face down in a beach surf. A Turkish policeman sadly carried his tiny body away. The boy was three-years-old.

the hashtag “#KivivaVuranInsanlik” or ‘Humanity Washed Ashore’ became a top trending topic on Twitter as people retweeted the image.

The boat the two boys were riding capsized. It was carrying 23 people and had set off separately from the Akyarlar area of the Bodrum peninsula in Turkey, according to Turkish naval officers. Aside from the two children, one woman and five other children had died. Seven had survived and two more had reached the Turkish shore in lifejackets. There are two people yet to be found.

Many debated the ethics of spreading the photo of a dead child in publications reasoning it left no dignity for the dead.