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Tony Abbott has stopped seven people in Australia before they could travel to the Middle East. The individuals were allegedly trying to contact terrorist groups, including the Islamic State, on their journey.

Border Protection Minister Peter Dutton said an incident occurred but would not go into specifics:

“We are concerned about the number of people presenting at airports, particularly younger people, who might be seeking to travel overseas for reasons that would horrify Australians and their parents and family and community no doubt as well.”

Abbott also didn’t provide details about the reported operation. However, he said it showed the increasing influence of the Islamic State and other terrorist groups in the Middle East.

The Australian Border Force had stopped the individuals. Their units have been working at all international airports.

According to Dutton, the details of the incident might be available by Friday.

“It wouldn’t be appropriate for us to respond and I don’t think, as a responsible journalist, you would expect us to say anything beyond that,” he said.

“We have provided the detail that we reasonably can at this point in time.”

Australians, Europeans and Americans have been part of the increasing numbers of Middle East terrorist groups, including the Islamic State. Britain had also issued its own safeguards to block anybody heading to the Middle East under suspicion of joining a terrorist network.

The facts are over 90% of claims made were made by claims firms and the other 10% only probably did it cause they heard about it via claims companies one way or the other. The truth is like it or not the British economy is booming due to the 22 billion that’s been pumped into the economy in the past four years which without Claims Company would no doubt be paid as big bankers bonuses. Claims companies also charge a fee which they use to pay employees which then contribute to the economy.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) may put a time limit on Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) claims, which consumers have been making since January 2011.

Over the past four years, banks have already compensated customers who were miss-sold PPI with a staggering £18bn. However, thousands of PPI complaints are still being made each week and many individuals across the country have yet to claim their insurance refund. In December 2014, £339.1m was paid out, proving that a huge number of people are still coming forward and being compensated.

Now increasing pressure from the British Bankers Association to put a time limit on PPI claims, means the Financial Conduct Authority could set a ‘claim by’ date. It’s important to remember that in many cases, people were not even aware they had been sold PPI. It doesn’t cost anything to check whether you were miss-sold this useless insurance by your bank. It’s worth looking into and it could net you a very welcome cheque.

CBI Director General John Cridland states that the money spent for compensation is much more useful if it was put to more economic use. Cridland and the banks criticized claims management companies (CMCs) for taking advantage of the situation and earning profits, with banks stating that the claims of CMCs cost them more than what they expected.

All the best PPI companies have a ‘no win no fee’ policy so to ensure you receive the best company to recover be sure to research thoroughly before committing.

About 435 people have died in six Asian countries after heavy monsoon rains and a tropical cyclone had hit parts of Bangladesh and Myanmar. Flooding, landslides, rough seas and double train derailment had caused the increase of the death toll.

The tropical cyclone Komen had hit parts of Bangladesh, Myanmar and India. Extreme rainfall had also added to the cyclone’s destructive strength. At least 166 deaths and some 55,000 houses around the bay of Bengal were wiped out after the rain and the cyclone passed. As the rain evolved into a slow-moving monsoon depression, it had reached Bangladesh. Komen had also picked up tropical storm strength and hit Bangladesh.

The storm and heavy monsoon rains had caused flash floods that Indian authorities said to be the cause of the derailment of two passenger trains on the same bridge near Harda in the central Indian state of Madhra Pradesh last Wednesday.

The Indian National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM) said that at least 20 people died after a landslide hit the village of Joumol in the Manipur state of northeast India. Flooding, lightning strikes and snakebites have killed 48 lives in West Bengal and Odisha.

About 38,000 houses have been destroyed according to the report and 205,000 structures were damaged in West Bengal alone.