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According to research spearheaded by the Hospital Universitari Quiron-Dexeus in Barcelona, the chances of women over 44-years-old to have an IVF baby was only 1.3%. This was a drastic drop from the 24% for those aged 38 to 39.

Research lead Dr. Marta Devesa said the decline was hormonal and biological. She advises that women over 44 who wish to have children should freeze their eggs by the time they’ve reached 35. They may also use donor eggs.

The research came from a 12-year study of live birth rates which involved 4,000 women in the Barcelona hospital.

For 40 to 41 year olds, the success rate of bearing a child was 15.6%. For those aged 42 to 43, the decline was steep with 6.6%.

The research debunks myths regarding bearing children over the age of 40.

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority had published very similar success rates using information collected from its UK clinics. The HFEA’s research indicates that women who want to have children through IVF stand at 32% at the age of 35 and it falls to 1.9% once she is over 45%


Chinese President Xi Jinping called all to “not spare anything” for the rescue of the passengers of an Eastern Star liner carrying 500 people with 458 passengers aged 60-80 years old.

Rescuers have found 14 to be alive and seven dead. About 27 individuals were able to swim to shore post-sinking of the carrier.

Authorities claim it to be China’s worst maritime disaster in decades.

Footage showed rescue workers tapping the inverted hull of the ship for signs of life before they cut a hole to rescue those who are inside. Divers pulled out a 65-year-old woman from fast-flowing currents around the sunken ship.

Chinese Premier Li Kequiang flew to the site and marshalled a response team of 4000 personally to the site.

Most of the survivors saved themselves. The Tour-Guide leader Zhang Hui grabbed life jackets before they climbed out a window. Zhang floated away as people screamed for help. He remained in water invisible to ships and reached the shore during the morning.

The Eastern Star was to go to Chongqing. After 177-km winds toppled the ship during the heavy storm it encountered, the entire boat capsized.

No foreigners were listed aboard the ship.