Monthly Archives: May 2015

Beijing is still playing its charm offensive on South America despite the controversies on the Amazonian Railroad deal that would reduce costs in transporting essential material out of Brazil’s inaccessible agricultural and mining regions.

The railway faces fierce opposition from South American Environmentalists and indigenous activists who had utterly faced defeat after the construction of the world’s third largest hydroelectric dam near Altamira, the amazon city.

The dam is claimed to have robbed indigenous communities their lands and has fuelled violence and prostitution in the area.

Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff intends to sign 30 agreements with China to help develop its infrastructure and logistics for her country embattled with economic troubles.

The new deals will help avert the £14.8 billion equivalent of a budget cut in Brazil, which would be finalised this week.

According to an opinion section from newspaper China Daily, Brazil is in a precarious situation where it wants to be taken out of its troubles caused by environmental, political and economic crises and that China’s wants into Brazil is timely for both countries.

Xinhua, China’s Official News Agency, said that it is “natural for China and Latin America” to partner up. It also highlighted that the US heightened alert with Beijing’s presence in South America shouldn’t be seen as so because the partnership is not directed against any third party.

For slapping a journalist, Saudi Arabian King Salman had sacked one senior aide who had followed right behind him.

The incident, caught on camera as King Salman greeted Morocco’s King Mohammed at Riyadh airport, Senior Aide Mohammed al-Tobayshi, who is the head of the Royal Protocol, turned to a photographer and slapped him.

Tobayshi was immediately removed as senior aide and was replaced by Khalid al-Abad, a 56-year-old official. However, Saudi Arabian journalists, including prominent journalist Abdullah al-Bergawi said that it was “a great day for journalists and the media.”

Al-Bergawi said that King Salman is showing that no-one, not even those closest to him is above the law. His actions also show that people, including officials, will hold their actions as their responsibilities and will pay for not respecting a person’s right to dignity.

One past incident had the King sanction a senior member of the Saudi Royal Family Prince Mamdouh bin Abdul Rahman after making racist comments in an Arabian TV Show.