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Daily Trojan Writer Athanasius Georgy believes that the entire Middle East and the rest of the world had been blind to Yemen’s true state. Georgy states that Yemen is a failed state after Former President Ali Abdullah Saleh had been ousted.

Saleh was ousted during the 2011 Arab Spring as protests in different Middle Eastern countries began to oust their long-time dictators. It was believed that Yemen would turn into a democratic country.

However, Saleh’s Vice President and first Voted President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi were seen as a corrupt government. As militant Houthis moved against the government, Iran’s Shiite ties with the Houthis ensured support for the militants.

Meanwhile, Sunni-dominated Saudi Arabia had been displeased with Iran’s actions.

Georgy does not blame the Arab Spring nor the Hadi Government for starting another conflict in the country. He said that upon Saleh’s ousting, a vacuum appeared and deeply-rooted problems as people adjusted politically into a new spectrum of ideals had re-surfaced.

With the lack of genuine leadership, Yemen’s infrastructures and systems were dilapidated. All these crumbled slowly as days passed, according to Georgy.

Yemen’s ill-adjusted people had become oppressive as extreme water and food shortages cause grave incidents in different areas. Women are still mistreated.

Georgy said that negotiations would be the only way to guarantee peace and productivity in Yemen once again.

According to the medical community focused on finding a cure for cancer, making tailor-made cancer vaccines that target genetic errors in a patient’s tumor is quite exciting.

Their tests on three humans showed that the vaccine had been traiend to fight skin cancers. According to the American team, this marks the first “significant step” towards developing cancer vaccines. Cancer Research UK said the tests were “exciting despite being early-stage trials.”

Tumors are genetic messes where the DNA had been altered and is sending a different message to cell production, leading to mutations that could cause death.

Because the proteins of the DNA is altered, the St. Louis and Oklahoma City Research Teams have used different methods to predict the flags that would indicate cancer has already spread in the body.

Using a computer algorithm, they analysed the Neo-Antigens, which indicate the best targets for vaccinations.

The tests showed convincing results as one test subject had stayed cancer-free. The other has stable tumors. The last patient’s tumor had shrank in the months after the vaccine and had remained stable thereafter.

The team was successful in its objective to test the safety of the vaccine and if it provokes any form of immune response.

However, analysts and experts say that proper clinical trials are the only proof that the research is a success. Time, production and costs are another thing to talk about.