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According to Local Police Chief Qasim al-Obeidi of al-Baghdadi in western Iraq, Islamic State militants have burned 45 people alive. He said that they believe the executed were Iraqi Security Forces. However, there was no precise data given. According to al-Obeidi, the town was under attack and it requested the government and the world to help.

The town of al-Baghdadi was captured on Thursday last week. The nearby Iraqi air base Ain al-Asad, occupied by 300 American Marines training local Iraqi forces, had defended against the militants’ attempts to capture the base.

Meanwhile, 90 per cent of al-Baghdadi now belongs to the Islamic State.

The new atrocity succeeds their video on Sunday where they have beheaded 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya. In retaliation, Egypt has sent over an air strike against all Islamic State positions in Libya.

It is also the second case that Islamic State had burned alive people this year. Earlier, Jordan Pilot Muath al-Kasasbeh was placed inside a cage and was burned alive by the militants for “burning down homes and destroying families.”

General Practitioners do not end a day without receiving a call from the NHS Helpline. According to the British Medical Association, GPs and accident and emergency departments are feeling the strain because the NHS 111 helpline advises people with colds or sore thumbs to visit their doctors.

The average number of people calling to NHS 111 had increased by 186% from 2013-2014. Referrals to accident and emergency departments were also up by 192%

The Primary Care Foundation Research group estimates that self-care calls had fallen to 15% in 2013-14 from 48% in 2012.

British Medical Association GP Dr. Charlotte Jones spearheads the efforts to see the BMA’s work on NHS 111. She said the association endeavours to highlight serious concerns about the service and how the service fails to provide what is needed.

According to her, GPs also report to the BMA that people with colds, sore thumbs and other conditions that one could remedy at home easily without the help of a registered professional had been referred to them.

It would seem that the NHS 111 helpline’s advisory is inefficient.

She said the NHS could not afford to have “unnecessary workload created given the unprecedented pressure on our health service.”

Some BMA council members blame call handlers who have very limited experience with medicine. According to the council a trained professional could encourage and walk them through self care.