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Benedict Cumberbatch’s humble announcement of his marriage to Sophie Hunter in The Times newspaper had been received positively by the UK public, but not its women. The Sherlock Holmes star, who had always been unassuming and modest despite his immense fame worldwide, said that he was very happy to make the “most important heart happier” after being asked about what he felt breaking thousands of ladies’ hearts.

Benedict sets himself apart as the “real gentleman” in the sea of the modern day brash males. According to UK media, this is a result of the loving upbringing he received in his family, with his mother playing a huge role in his treatment of women.

His parents are as much in love today as they were 42 years ago.

Wanda Ventham, his mother, now at 79, was once a household name in British television. She was an extremely talented actress in her own time with a long list of TV shows and films.

Cumberbatch’s mother also had some raunchy roles, which he said he was embarrassed to talk about. His mother questioned him of his sexual orientation because of his sensitivity to the films.

However, it was Wanda and Benedict’s father that had urged him to pursue a career in being a film actor and performance art.


According to Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post, being “a driving force for social, environmental and economic benefit” does not fit the description of businesses. Her group, called The B-Team, works with different organisations to help push forward a better way to do business. They have identified that the well-being of employees are also crucial for business success.


Huffington’s Well-Being Committee discusses employment stories from these different organisations. These stories range from which plans work and not, coming up with innovative ideas, how to progressively scale a business and ensure a uniform effort.


The author identified that globally, businesses are becoming aware that the health of their long-term bottom line is aligned with the health of their employees’ motivation.


Business all over the world had introduced stress-reducing programs and better workload adjustments to allow employees a better breather than what they are used to.


Stressed employees are likely to have loss of productivity by acquiring stress-related conditions such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. A Harvard study that Huffington pointed out indicated that the more a company focuses on employee wellness programs, the better profits the company makes.