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It was clear that the beheading of freelance journalist James Foley was revenge for the US air strikes against the Islamic State (IS), halting their advances in different areas. Meanwhile, the US had recently failed in trying to free US hostages held in Syria. The Pentagon said that they involved air and ground components focusing on a captor network within ISIS, the former name of the Islamic State.

The mission failed because the hostages were not present in their target location.

Senior Obama Administration officials said that several dozens of special troops have been deployed into Syria to try and rescue American hostages, which included Foley. These special forces have encountered and exchanged fire with the IS militants.

James Foley was kidnapped in Syria in 2012.

Meanwhile, the video of the beheading was condemned by the United States, UK and France. They had condemned the “barbaric” act and US President Barack Obama pointed at it as an “act of violence that shocks the conscience of the entire world.” The UK is planning to step up its actions in Iraq after the video.

The Committee to Protect Journalists had expressed their condemnation of such actions and said they are worried about all other journalists kidnapped by the IS.

By the end of the video, another photo of a journalist was shown to be next if the United States does not halt its military operations in Iraq.


Syrian rebel forces had killed 10 Lebanese soldiers and captured more than 10 troops in their invasion of Arsal. According to Lebanon’s Army Chief, most members of the Syrian Rebel forces were affiliated with the al-Qaeda and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), both involved in heavy fighting in Syria and northern Iraq.

Residents and relief workers in Arsal said that on Sunday, the rebel forces had seized the towns. The Lebanese Army cornered them after their well-planned attack. The Lebanese forces had fired mortar, artillery fire and air strikes from fighter jets.

At least 25 other soldiers had been killed during the offensive. From the count off, Lebanese Officers confirmed that 10 more soldiers remain missing.

The Syrian Rebels and ISIS forces had taken action in Arsal after they had arrested Imad Ahmad Jomaa, according to sources the commander of a Syrian Islamist rebel group.

Arsal is home to many Syrian refugees escaping the civil war. It also worsened conditions for the townspeople. During the skirmish, the makeshift hospital in Arsal had 14 Syrian refugee casualties and dozens wounded during the attacks. The hospital had also treated Syrian rebel fighters and those from other Arab countries.

Refugees from the years-long Syrian civil war have spread throughout the Middle East, mostly in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.