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According to the Russian Government, Russian records show that a Ukrainian fighter jet flew close to the Malaysian passenger plane before it crashed. It also blamed Kiev for operating missile system radar stations in the area.

A separate Russian television agency had accused the United States CIA for attacking and shooting down flight MH17.

The Russian government had shown a detailed version of its theory regarding MH17. However, the detailed version did not say whether the jet fired a rocket, or which side stil fired the rocket against the MH17. Lieutenant General Igor Makushev said on national television that their radar showed another jet approaching the passenger plane.

Another satellite captured image showed that Ukraine’s missile systems were moved into the area pre-incident. The data also showed the movement of the missile systems across the areas near the airplane

However, US officials did not acknowledge the new theory and called it as “desperate propaganda” on part of the Russian government. US officials said that Ukraine’s fighter jets were on ground during the crash, and that Ukrainian jet fighters could not fly at 30,000 feet, the height of MH17 during its flight.

Intercepted calls by Ukraine’s security service revealed pro-Russian rebels having claimed to have shot down a plane, then discovered afterwards that it was a civilian aircraft. However, both Russia and the rebels have denied the accusations.


As Israel held its “day of mourning” for the three Israeli teenagers who were killed in the West Bank, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had announced that Israel is planning its offensive against the Hamas, who they accused of kidnapping and murdering the three teenagers.

Netanyahu said that they will aim to weaken the Hamas in the West Bank and will have an offensive against the operations of the Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

However, Hamas has neither denied nor confirmed their involvement in the kidnapping and killing of the three teenagers. Israel suspects two prominent Hamas members to be responsible for the killing.

It was confirmed that a militant group had killed the three teenagers, with one of them, Gilad Shaar, had made a last call from his mobile phone that they were kidnapped and gunshots were heard in the background.

The Israel Military’s objective in the West Bank is to hunt down the two Hamas suspects from Hebron.

The situation had also created a critical divide in Israel’s Security Cabinet, with right-wing ministers pushing for an all-out offensive against the Hamas, while the other half wants to approach the situation with a cautious consideration for the consequences.

According to Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon, the weak response of Israel will only guarantee another kidnapping.