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According to US Secretary of State John Kerry, the United States ensures the support of the country if Iraq will unite against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The ISIS had already tightened their grasp on Iraq’s vital Baiji Oil Field, and several other villages and borders.

In a meeting with Iraqi leaders, Kerry said that the future of Iraq depends on the decisions made in the next few weeks by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki of Iraq.

The Iraqi Prime Minister had made a deadline of July 1 to begin the process to form Iraq’s new government, which is also part of the agreement for US assistance against the militants.

Many US politicians view al-Maliki’s policies as deepening the sectarian divide, and most Sunni Muslim groups had voiced that the ISIS is only fighting for inequality and injustice, as Iraq’s government is composed mostly of Shia Muslims.

Kerry urged that the new Iraqi government be free from “sectarian motivations” and become the true voice of Iraq’s entire population. He had also met with Sunni and Shiite leaders.

Meanwhile, US military advisers conclude that Iraq’s military is demotivated after the summary executions done by the Sunnis and the apparent desertion of key military installations. The advisers also assessed that Iraq’s military equipment is inadequate against the superior equipment and veteran fighters of the ISIS.


According to the Syrian rebel group Suqour al-Sham Battalion’s leader Abu Farouk al-Shamy, an American muslim had loaded a truck with munitions and drove up the truck by a hillside in Northern Syria. His attack was in coordination with the al-Nusra Front, an al-Qaeda tied organisation.

The al-Nusra was involved in the plot following a video that circulated in the internet. The American muslim was identified as Abu Hurayra Al-Amriki. However, his identity is still not known. US Law Enforcement deduced that the man certainly has an American connection, but it is still uncertain if he is a US citizen or resident.

Syrian activists said that four vehicles were originally part of the attack, the American was driving the biggest vehicle, which contained 17 tons of explosives, including artillery shells.

The man gained a lot of attention with netizens and radical Islamists. One website, Hanein, had posted a photo of the American, who was called Abu Hurayra al-Amriki and beside it a caption that said he performed a martyrdom operation in Idlib, Jabal Al-Araba’een.

According to observers, it will not be so surprising to confirm that the man has a US citizenship. It is also not surprising to see western fighters, including Americans, joining Islamist militant groups such as al-Nusra and al-Qaeda.