Monthly Archives: May 2014

The South Korean Navy fired warning shots against the North Korean patrol boats that crossed the Yellow Sea boundary or the “Northern Limit Line” at 4PM local time. The line is the maritime border line set by the United Nations after the Korean War. However, North Korea does not recognise it, or refuses to accept it.

According to the South Korean Defense Ministry, the North Korean ships had turned the other way after the naval vessel had fired 10 warning shots.

The NLL had become infamous with many North Korean attacks against the south. Recently, North Korea shelled the waters a few meters away from the border, to which the South responded with equal measure of artillery fire in the same area. In 2010, South Korea speculated that North Korea used a submarine and launched a torpedo that sunk the South Korean ship Cheonan, which had killed 46 sailors.

Defending its borders were two new frigates that were designed to protect against South Korean submarines and protect its water borders. However, due to limited sources, media could not verify whether the frigates are ready for service. The massive size of the frigates had caused alarm for the South Korean Defense Ministry.


Ukraine Interim Government President Oleksandr Turchynov issues a decree on military service as pro-Russian activists continue to take over government buildings and had recently stormed a regional prosecutor’s office in Donetsk.

Pro-Russia separatists took over the regional prosecutor’s office on Thursday, overpowering riot policemen inside the building. Interim President Turchynov announced the compulsory military service because the eastern and southern parts of Ukraine is slowly deteriorating threaten territorial integrity.

The separatists gathered in Lenin Square for the May Day Celebrations and made their way forcefully inside the regional prosecutor’s office. More than 100 riot police fell back into the building’s internal courtyard and they were surrounded by the crowd. They surrendered their equipment and they were filed out by the protesters.

The “Donetsk People’s Republic” supporters sang songs from the Soviet era. There had been extensive looting, including stealing vehicles.

Despite the strength and integrity of the pro-Russian separatists, their numbers remain small as Donetsk has 1 million people in population, with the majority supporting Ukraine. However, due to the violence presented by the pro-Russians, they are afraid to express their opinions in public. On Sunday, a pro-Ukraine protest had been attacked by thugs with police powerless to help.