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Prosecutors had raided the house of the head of the company that operated the sunken Sewol ferry, which had lost 100 lives and still has 200 passengers missing from the original 476. According to local Yonhap News Agency in South Korea, Yoo Byung-un’s house had been raided. Yoo is the owner of the Chonghaejin Marine Co. Ltd. which operated the ferry.

According to history, Yoo Byung-un had been jailed for fraud in the early 1990s. Prosecutors had also exposed several misdemeanours of the company, including its difficult share structure.

The maritime disaster that involved hundreds of students on a field trip was indicated as the biggest maritime disaster in South Korea for over 21 years.

Local media highlighted that the Sewol ferry captain Lee Joon-seok had delayed evacuating the passengers of the ship and that they all fled before all passengers could escape the sinking vessel. However, stories from both survivors and crew members made it evident that some crew members remained, and gave their life, to shepherd passengers into safety boats and rescue.

Divers are now moving the bodies of the dead into a cabin in Jin Island where the ferry had been docked. Meanwhile, Lee and two other crew members were arrested and are accused of negligence and abandonment of duty.


Considered as a traitor to the United States, Naval Intelligence Analyst based in Washington Jonathan Pollard appalled the entire country as he was discovered passing security information regarding the country to Israel. While he was the last thing on the minds of US officials, his freedom may spell hope for the Israel-Palestine peace talks.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had discussed with US Secretary of State John Kerry regarding the release of Pollard, who had been imprisoned in the Israeli US Embassy in 1985.

However, the now 59-year old veteran’s freedom is still pending as US President Barack Obama had not yet given a final word yet regarding his release. According to White House Spokesperson Jay Carney, “a lot of things are still happening in that arena.”

Pollard won sympathy from the Israelis because he helped Israel from the United States during the cold war. Israel is a close ally of the United States. However, he is still viewed as an unrepentant traitor and the damages of his actions were more serious. Aside from Israel, he had also sold information about the United States to China.

Meanwhile, Kerry continues to glue together the peace talks between Israel and Palestine despite a small setback involving Israel withholding the last batch of Palestine prisoners until Palestine agrees to extend talks, and Palestine wanting the release of the last batch of prisoners until they guarantee peace talks.