Monthly Archives: February 2014

A Chinese department had ordered the deletion of websites in the Great Firewall of China to delete all mention of its low Press Freedom Index Position as reported by the Reporters Without Borders or Reporters Sans Frontieres (RSF). China is currently at the low position of fifth bottom, which is near the ranking of bottom number North Korea.

The Chinese “Ministry of Truth” department had ordered today the deletion of such information from national circulation. The directive coming from the State Council Information Office on Tuesday, reads in direct translation “All websites are kindly asked to delete the article ‘180 Countries Ranked in 2013 Press Freedom Index; China at 175th’ and other related content.”

Because of this, the RSF has put China down two more places because of its actions today, above only North Korea, Turkmenistan, Syria and Somalia. The RSF said that “The daily “directives” to the traditional media from the Department of Propaganda, the constant online censorship, the growing number of arbitrary arrests and the detention of the largest number of journalists and netizens in the world (including 2010 Nobel peace laureate Liu Xiaobo) have made China a model of censorship and repression.”

Other journalists fear that the model imposed by China is now spreading to different parts of Asia, with most Asian countries well-below the PFI.