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Every Israeli had mourned the passing of former Israeli Leader Ariel Sharon, who is greatly remembered for securing the interests of his country and protecting its sovereignty. As the world expresses its condolences and goodbyes, political experts said that Israel will need to confront the legacy left by Sharon, which had created Israel numerous enemies from where it stands.

Sharon was once a reputable military strategist turned politician and he earned the respect of many world leaders because of his endeavours in protecting his country. His narrow objective of conquering Palestine may have strengthened Israel’s army but, according to Palestinian officials, Sharon had left in its wake a violent legacy that will reflect in Israel.
The former leader passed in his deathbed after a multiple organ failure during his 8 year coma last Saturday.

According to political experts, history remembers Sharon as the leader who championed driving away the Arabs during the settlement movement. This incident is the greatest obstacle for a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. Sharon has also become controversial when Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982, which bore Hezbollah, which never resolved any issue.

Observers said that his history is what stands between total reversal or a condemned continued legacy for Israel. Israel will need to confront its history to face its new challenges,