Monthly Archives: December 2013

The rift between Ukraine and the European Union increases as the European Union had halted a landmark trade deal and a political pact with Ukraine. Thousands of protesters in the country took to Kiev to urge the Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovich to improve their ties with Brussels instead.

Thousands of protesters attended the rally done at Independence Square in Kiev on December 15, 2013. President Yanukovich will leave for talks in the Kremlin in a few days, which many protesters fear would collapse its relationship with the European Union.

The government also angered the protesters by having the EU because, according to EU Enlargement Chief Stefan Fuele, Yanukovich’s words and actions were “growing further and further apart” despite the crisis the country is going through.
Observers estimated that there were more than 200,000 people at the Independence Square on Sunday night.

Fuele’s statement declares the EU’s increasing irritation with Ukraine’s demands for financial aid and its forced participation in a bidding war with Russia. According to political analysts, Yanukovich’s visit to the Kremlin will only make matters worse.

Ukrainian opposition fears that a Mocow-led customs union, which may eventually include Ukraine if it does not stop, may be Russia’s attempts in trying to recreate the Soviet Union.