Monthly Archives: October 2013

Pakistan remains firm on its stance that the United States should finally end its drone program in the country and the neighbour Yemen because of indiscriminate attacks on civilians. Amnesty International, an international human rights group, support’s Pakistan’s stance as some of the drone attacks may constitute to war crimes.

Amnesty International, together with the Human Rights Watch, another international human rights organization, reports that two drone attacks in northwest Pakistan last year had killed an elderly grandmother picking vegetables.

According to Letta Tayler, who works for the Human Rights Watch, the US may be taking all precautions in ensuring the safety of civilians and all unarmed personnel in drone strikes, but it had also killed several civilians and the drones have also eliminated questionable military targets.

Amnesty International called for the United States to ensure more transparency because it was difficult to test the US claims that the attacks truthfully conform to international law.

According to the US, the drones are effective tools in the US’ fight against the al-Qaeda and other militants linked to the Taliban. However, many observers have noted that many innocent civilians have also died during the strikes.

The Human Rights Watch pointed out that US’ battle with the al-Qaeda does not meet the intensity required under the laws of war through the use of drones.