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A 62 year-old woman named Carolyn Watkins, was found dead in her car days after it was towed from a crash. Mrs. Watkin’s body was found inside her car at a tow yard on a Monday, which was also the same day when her family reported that she was missing. The car was taken to the tow yard after a trooper found it at Johnston County, North Carolina. According to the trooper’s report, no one was in the vehicle. Johnston County’s district attorney sent a request to the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation to focus and look deeper into the death and the trooper’s action.

Patricia Parker said that they initially gave a report that she was missing since they know that she was out of town for Easter Weekend. But when Mrs. Watkins did not showed up on her job last Monday, that was the time they knew something was wrong. The family was worried that she might have been alive when she was taken to the tow yard, but the medical team told them that she died because of the great impact triggered by the accident.

Mrs. Watkins suffered from blunt force injuries to the head and neck, according to Patricia Parker. She blamed the trooper who was in charge of the incident. “I was angry, and now I’m just sad about it, “Tell your loved ones you love them, that’s all. I didn’t have a chance to do it.”that was a heartbreaking statement said by Algernon Parker.