Monthly Archives: March 2013

It was reported that there were already growing tensions occurring between Israel and Turkey because of the civil war in Syria. On Thursday, Turkey has warned that they will be deporting and prosecuting refugees who are part of a protest. The country of Israel also reported that there was an increasing number of Syrians who were injured because of the dispute happening in the boundaries.

The Syrian conflict has already threatened the stability of different regions. The major supporter of Syria which is Russia already suggested that the reason why the U.N. and the Syrian envoy of the Arab League already lost its credibility because of the Arab League who took side with the insurgency. Aside from Jordan which has accepted a lot of the Syrian refugees, Turkey has also welcomed a number of refugees coming from Syria.

The threat of deporting the refugees in Turkey was released by the Turks after a riot that occurred in one of the Refugee camps in Turkey. Last Wednesday, the United Nations was alarmed because of the said threat imposed by the Turkish government. If the Turks would continue with the uttered threats, the United Nation will consider it to be against the International law. It was on Thursday that the Turkish Government already changed their statement and said that they will not deport the refugees. A United Nations Spokesperson said that the refugees should not be forced to go out. According to a statement from the Foreign Ministry says that a group of Syrian Refugees would want to use their rights to be able to voluntary return or leave Syria.

A reported cyber attack in South Korea affected 32,000 computers. The cyber attack was suspected to come from China. The South Korean banks and broadcasters were the target of the cyber attacks. According to the Communication Committee of South Korea, it was found out that the hackers IP address were coming from China. There were several computers and servers in the South that were damaged by the attack. Most of these were coming from banks and financial companies. The media servers were also affected badly. The systems of the bank were shut down because of hacking.

South Korea had suspected that the incident was caused by North Korea having China as its ally. The officials in South Korea continued to work on the damage and prevent another one to come. It was reported that North Korea has given a lot of new threats to the South. There has been an ongoing tension between Pyongyang and South Korea with the issues of missile testing and weapons. A local news agency in South Korea has reported that the South Korean military would improve their cyber defense plan. The news added that the National Computing and Information Agency said that the government sites were not affected by the cyber attacks.

The government has organized a team to respond to the problem and the South Korean officials were working on an investigation as to how the hackers got in and infected the computers in South Korea. The attack that happened on Wednesday was reported to be a similar attack that North Korea has done before. Related incidents of the attack were recalled between the years 2010 and 2012.

China has finally named its new President last Thursday. The Chinese Parliamnt named Xi Jinping as the country’s President. It was reported to be the first leadership change in China. President Xi Jingping took over as the Secretary General of the Communist Party. He had replaced Hu Jintao, who used to be the outgoing leader of the party. Xi Jingping was formally voted by the deputies in the National People’s Congress. He received a vote of 3,000. It was a unanimous vote in China’s political history.

Aside from being named as China’s President, Xi Jingpin was also declared the head of the Central Military Commission in China. He was described to have stronger relationship with the military. One of the writers described the newly chosen President to have a strong hold in his position and would handle the challenges ahead of him. He added that China will still go through problems because of their economy’s structure and also adding up the social issues the country is facing. The ongoing issues in China include the food safety, retirement of its citizens, health care, housing, education, and pollution.

Tough challenges are ahead of the Chinese president according to the critics. When the NPC has opened last week in China, a lot of officials were part of a series of meetings. The agenda of the meetings were reported to have focused in discussing the structure of China’s State Departments including their future targets.During the 1st day of NPC’s opening, it was announced that China would aim for a 7.5% annual growth rate.

There were a lot of speculations regarding the gender of the Duchess of Cambridge’s baby. A number of British newspapers are looking closely into the pregnancy of Kate Middleton. They were speculating the Prince William’s wife Catherine will be expecting a baby girl. It was reported that the Duchess was able to give a hint on the gender of the baby during a talk on the coastal town of Grimsby, in the northeastern part of England.

They say that both her pregnancy and the need for privacy are two of the problems the Duchess is facing. The Duchess is five months pregnant with their first born. After the slip of the tongue from the Duchess, a lot of the newspapers in the United Kingdom have published the said issue that the Duchess and the Duke will expect a baby girl. The source from the Royal Family gave different news and said that both the Duke and the Duchess do not know the gender of the baby. The first born is due in July and would be considered the great-grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II.

The British Cabinet Office said that the child who will be born in July will be next in line to the British throne after Prince William. Prince Charles is the first in line to the British throne. The planned has already changed for the law of succession in the Royal family. This changed would end the tradition that a boy should take over and elder sister. Although there were already speculation and news about the gender of the baby, the truth would still be confirmed by the Duchess and the Duke.