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Protecting the endangered species in this generation is already a must. A lot of young environmentalist and organizations are formed to protect the environment and the wildlife. In a world where almost everything else is progressing, including the advancement of technology and random improvements on infrastructures could somehow be blamed for the destructio n of the environment.

Different animal and environmental activists have a common advocacy and that is to protect and preserve the wildlife and its ecosystem. In the other parts of the world, there are a lot of cases where endangered species are hunted and converted as food or sometimes clothing and accessories. That’s when organizations in the world like the Wolrd Wildlife Fund, who is responsible for the conservation of the wildlife is created.

Meanwhile, in Borneo a number of 13 elephants were found dead. The reason for their death was known to be poisoning. These are pygmy and carcasses. The said elephants could have eaten a poisonous palm fruits that was part of a palm plantation in the area. It was also suspected that there were still more elephants who could have taken the poisonous plant. The recently found dead elephants were seen in a forest reserve in Sabah. The pygmy is said to be a rare kind of Asian elephant.

Photos of the dead elephant were released by the officials in Sabah. Investigations were on going and the members of the said investigation would still look into the ten dead elephants to find out the real cause of their death. The World Wildlife Foundation in Malaysia also reported that there are fewer pygmy elephants left in the wild.

Re-elected President Barack Obama takes the oath of office in a private ceremony at the White House. Monday, January 21, 2013.

In Washington, D.C. Obama began his inauguration day in church.Obama went to St. John’s Church in Washington near the White House to listen to a church pastor to counsel him to use his power to benefit other people, and the nation.  The Whitehouse pool report said, s the president’s limo pulled up, Obama daughters and Michelle Obama’s mother,Mrs. Robinson got out of the car behind. Malia Obama sneaked up to surprise her dad, shouting, “Boo!” as he got out. “You scared me!” he told her, and then the first family, joined by Mrs. Robinson, followed the Bidens inside.

The heavily protected two-block area around the president’s parade-reviewing kiosk is about half-full with parade watchers now. They are periodically doing the “Fired up! Ready to go!” call-and-response.The White House website was live-streaming a video of the event.

Barack Obama was inaugurated for his second term as the US president with a crowd of around 800,000 people who gathered on the National Mall, braving the cold and security queues to witness history being made in the United States.

Here’s an official timeline released by “The Guardian”:

10.35am: Obama family departs the White House en route Capitol Hill.

11.20am: President Obama is announced and seated at the West Front of the US Capitol.

11.55am:  Obama is administered the presidential oath of office by US Supreme Court chief justice John Roberts. Obama will take the oath using two bibles: the Lincoln Bible used by President Lincoln at his first inauguration and the King Bible used by Martin Luther King.

12 noon: Obama delivers his second inaugural address

12.40pm: President’s Room signing ceremony, at the Capitol

1.05pm: Obama and Vice President Joe Biden attends an inaugural brunch with members of the Congress in Statuary Hall.

2.30pm: Obama watches a review of the troops by the presidential escort.

2.34pm onwards: Obama and family depart the Capitol to participate in the traditional parade down Pennsylvania Avenue.

3.45pm: President and Mrs Obama will watch the inaugural parade from a reviewing standing in front of the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Washington CBS Local said that the President has prepared a second inaugural address that broadly lays out his vision for the country’s future, setting the stage for looming debates over taxes, guns, immigration and other issues while leaving the details for another day.