Monthly Archives: July 2012

Rebel fighters claim to have shot down a jet from the Syrian army in the last 24 hours. The rebels uploaded a video in the Internet, which shows a man named Abu Dargham who held two twisted chunks of metal and said that they aim to show the remains of the aircraft to other villages. The video also showed the complete tail of the aircraft, the fuselage broken into pieces and the kind of aircraft not identifiable.

Villagers were scavenging pieces of the aircraft in bags and a village tractor hauled away a presumed engine from the aircraft. Cheers were heard from the villagers who helped pull away the jet from the village.

Two other videos posted by the Syrian rebels showed what appears to be the plane’s pilots One showed rebels carrying a man unconscious wearing a military pilot uniform. Another showed a man who was being treated by medics who was moaning from pain from the injuries.

However, the authenticity of the videos posted cannot be verified due to the international journalism restrictions in the country.

In addition to their downing of a jet, the rebels claimed to have captured a Syrian Air Force installation, showing more than 300 anti-aircraft missiles, heavy machineguns, rockets and tanks in a separate video. They’ve also included an instructional video to help viewers operate the anti-aircraft launchers.

Latest reports by the opposition claims that at least 160 people were killed in the civil war. In Damascus, 96 were killed and two car bombings in Jaraman killed 77 people.