Monthly Archives: May 2012

On Wednesday, millions of people protested against the decree of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi which immunizes his presidential actions from any judicial court, which allows him to run the country unchecked as the Islam-dominated committee creates the new Egyptian constitution, the first constitution of the country run by dictators for 60 years. Many protesters claim Morsi to be a new dictator.

The decree, which was announced by Morsi on November 22, Thursday, was subject to much scrutiny from critics and a walkout by some government officials. A great number of the council including Lawyer’s syndicate head Sameh Ashour, who said that only 55 of the 100 original members remained, and most of these were Salafists of the Muslim Brotherhood, the political movement of Morsi. He claims that the Muslim Brotherhood are stealing the constitution.

Essam El-Erian, a senior adviser of Morsi, announced that the assembly was already drafting the constitution in the last six months. However, many other officials stated that the process was being rushed. Brooking Institution analyst H.A. Hellyer also mentioned that the rush was to avoid putting Morsi in a very tricky position that he is in right now.

However, ┬áPresident Morsi defended his decree, stating that it was meant to “preserve the fragility of the Arab spring, which helped oust Hosni Mubarak from his dictatorship”. He claims that he knows more than his people, and his decree was only meant to ensure that the country pushes through smoothly through its transitional phase.